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Okay, so Jade isn't my typical fare, and I love him lots and want to get him right. SO. If I'm OOC, or anything, feel free to point it out to me! Comments are screened!

Dec. 27th, 2008

Colonel Jade "the Necromancer" Curtis (owns_the_reaper): 1,105 comments (6.34%), played from 2007-12-15 to 2008-05-11 (148 days at 7 comments/day)

A Modest Proposal On Fonons And Camp

Before I start, can anyone tell me how to make entries show up in the default LJ style rather than the journal style?

Okay so. I've never really ESSAYED before. For any character! For any reason!

There are two reasons:

1) They don't think things through or deeply to begin with, so there never was material to essay on.
2) I dropped them before I felt the need to essay!

These two reasons are INVALID for Jade as he fits neither one! To make things worse, he'll never TELL ANYONE what he thinks unless he feels it is urgent, and even then it's a huge pain for him. He just doesn't like to! I have to get it out somehow.

So. What do we have here?

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Stats/Permissions Meme

Age: 35
Height: 186 cm, 73 in, 6'1"
Weight: 74 kg, 163 lbs

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The app!

Your Name/Alias: Comic
Age: 21
Character: Col. Jade Curtiss
Series: Tales of the Abyss
Job: Substitute Conscience/Camp Enabler
Character Age: 35
Canon: Jade Curtiss, often known as "Jade the Necromancer", is an international man of mystery. While
he ranks only as Colonel, he's known as Emperor Peony's right hand man and trusted friend, and not without just
cause! Besides being the Emperor's childhood friend, Jade is also a genius user of 'fonic artes' (the game's magic),
among other quite notable accomplishments such as creating entire schools of science.

Jade is quite good at getting what he wants, and when asking won't suffice, manipulation or outright lying are always
acceptable alternatives. Which isn't to imply that Jade hides who he is; he's firm and vocal in his belief that he is
a cold person with little time for educating others, and as such tends to delegate annoying tasks. This is a trait he
never really loses even after admitting that serious disasters could have been avoided if only he had explained things
more thoroughly. Basically, he's a know-it-all who hates expositioning. He much prefers to be as a cheerfully enigmatic
as possible, and is content with going with the flow while complaining about his old age hampering him, despite it being
quite obvious that he's still one of the most fearsome men alive.

He also has a Pac-Man belt.

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96% in, w-what.