Jade Curtiss (owns_the_reaper) wrote,
Jade Curtiss

Jade's Combat Skills [stolen from Tales of Wiki :O]

Base Artes

Arte Name

TP cost

FoF change

How to acquire

Sonic Spear 6 Crushing Spear (earth) Default
Thunder Lance 8 Lightning Tempest (wind) Level 17

Arcane Artes

Arte Name

TP cost

FoF change

How to acquire

Impaling Heaven 12 Goring Hell (fire) Level 32
Sovereign Gale 10 Mighty Deluge (water) Level 44


Arte Name

TP cost

FoF change


How to acquire

Energy Blast 7 Photon (wind) None Default Spell
Stalagmite 14 Eruption (fire) Earth Level 9
Splash 18 Icicle Rain (water) Water Level 12
Drain Magic 4 Absorption (water) None Level 20
Turbulence 15 Flare Tornado (fire) Wind Level 34
Flame Burst 22 Explosion (fire) Fire Level 38
Ground Dasher 32 Frigid Coffin (water) Earth Level 36
Blessed Drops 32 Divine Saber (wind) Water Level 40
Thunder Blade 36 Gravity Well (earth) Wind Level 48
Infernal Prison 38 Raging Mist (water) Fire Level 52
Absolute 48 None Water Jade's forbidden spells sidequest
Prism Sword 64 None Light Jade's forbidden spells sidequest
Meteor Storm 80 None None Jade's forbidden spells sidequest

Mystic Artes

Arte Name

TP cost

How to use

Mystic Cage 0 Use a high level spell while in overlimit
Indignation 100 Hold R2 while in overlimit without moving until it activates.Thunder Blade must be used 200 times, and it's 2nd playthrough only.

"O mighty explosion... Energy Blast!"

"I'll help myself. Drain Magic!"

"O maddening gale of the spirits of the earth... Stalagmite!"

"O roar of the earth, bring forth the fangs of the mighty dragon. Ground

"O violent torrent... Splash!"

"Arise O violent waters to rout mine enemies! Blessed Drops!"

"Grant mine enemies a final rest. Flame Burst!"

"O flames of hell, cremate mine enemies in a cage of fire! Infernal

"Howl O raging wind and cleave mine enemies with your blade! Turbulence!"

"O darkened storm cloud, loose thy blade and run mine enemies through!
Thunder Blade!"

"O sword of conviction, loose the might of your brilliant colours! Prism

"Rest in a merciless silver embrace! Absolute!"

"O countless falling stars, come forth! Meteor Storm!"

"O brilliance show your wrath... Photon!"

"Take power from those before me... Absorption!"

"Crimson fury, burn! Eruption!"

"Slumber in this horrid sepulchre of merciful ice. Frigid Coffin!"

"O frigid blades, pour forth! Icicle Rain!"

"O sacred will, strike down those who would be mine enemy. Divine Saber!"

"Grant my enemies a final rest! Explosion!"

"Partake of boiling water! Raging Mist!"

"O flames of hell, bring unto them the wrath of the lord of fire! Flare

"Suffer within this oppressive force! Gravity Well!"

"Feel lightning! Lightning Tempest!"

"A pulverizing strike! Crushing Spear!"

"Taste fire! Goring Hell!"

"Be swallowed by water! Mighty Deluge!"

Indignation (Thunder Blade used 200x):
"I, who stand in the full light of the heavens command thee, who opens the
gates of hell, come forth divine lightning! This ends now! Indignation!"

Mystic Cage:
"O admonishing melody, arise in the name of the Necromancer! Mystic Cage!
Now know what true power is!"
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