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A Modest Proposal On Fonons And Camp

Before I start, can anyone tell me how to make entries show up in the default LJ style rather than the journal style?

Okay so. I've never really ESSAYED before. For any character! For any reason!

There are two reasons:

1) They don't think things through or deeply to begin with, so there never was material to essay on.
2) I dropped them before I felt the need to essay!

These two reasons are INVALID for Jade as he fits neither one! To make things worse, he'll never TELL ANYONE what he thinks unless he feels it is urgent, and even then it's a huge pain for him. He just doesn't like to! I have to get it out somehow.

So. What do we have here?

An essay. Should you find yourself disagreeing with my thought processes? Please tell me, because I could be wrong, and any little thing helps!

On what? Jade, and how he views camp and it's inhabitants and his responsibilities thereof.


Okay when Jade entered camp, not shortly after Luke expressed hope that maybe Jade could figure a way out. Jade doesn't think it is an impossible task, but he is skeptical in the ability to do so from within camp. Beyond the fact that camp's rules seem to bend at a whim, there is something to be said about the fact that there are people from multiple worlds and TIMES all converging in the same spot. He is a firm believer that the force keeping everyone from snapping back to where they came from is the barrier itself. That is assuming that they're not all advanced clones/replicas. He doesn't discount this theory simply because camp already has proven itself to be capable of things he would not normally deem even theoretically possible.

As he has no way of knowing which is which, he's not entirely convinced that destroying the barrier wouldn't simply erase everyone within it. He's also fairly sure that the barrier is not only powered by, but is the source of all the mana/fonons/whatever in camp, and that outside the barrier there is likely none to be found - meaning the planet itself is likely powering the barrier, much like the sephiroths back in Auldrant. Unless they find a 'master control' or some such, he isn't about to attempt any grand trial of destroying it. On the off-chance that they do succeed in destroying the barrier and not disappear immediately, there's the highly likely chance that the planet they will all find themselves stuck on is dead or dying through their actions alone.

Of course he's not sure about any of this so he won't mention it.


As said earlier, he's fairly sure that the fonons and such are supplied by camp, to the exclusion of elsewhere in the world. He knows that many people have never heard of fonons, beyond the scientific term used in Earth science which is similar yet fundamentally different in every way. He isn't even sure if most people have fonslots or not, as he hasn't exactly had a chance to examine anyone-- and he's not about to trust the zombies for any useful scientific finds. This is important for one very reason - canon says that to keep others from being damaged by your fonic artes? You have to inscribe their fonslots. With what? I'm not sure. How? No idea. What exactly are fonslots? For all I know they're gills. They're an organ that you can use consciously to draw in fonons. This means that his fonic artes could have devastating consequences should he use them in camp. Especially Meteor Storm, should anyone get in the way. While he's not one to shy from force as a valid option to solve issues, this complicates when and where he can use his greater spells. He still has quite a variety available he can use without worry, but a large amount of his are area-of-effect.

He is also fairly certain that the idea that the sources of power are the same thing with different names are wrong. Case in point, mana vs fonons. The way they work is simply different, and how they're used is different, even if the end result is the same. To him, while fonons do take a certain affinity, training can counteract quite a bit, but not everything - but everyone has some abiility. Whereas mana (at least Tales of Symphonia mana) requires affinity and no amount of training can make you any good with mana. He hasn't met Zelos yet ICly (oh how I love you Viva Tales Of!) but that should change his mind a little bit on that.


His cast mates are about the only people he has affection for, and they all earned it in some way shape or form. I phrase it like this because it isn't simply that he has affection for them because they are familiar, or because they're also from Auldrant, but rather because they proved themselves in his eyes at some point. He will never show it, but he is quite pleased he has the majority of his cast here to annoy. Sure, annoying other people is also enjoyable, but it's much more pleasing when you know them.

- On Luke -

Jade has a bit of fatherly affection for Luke. He can be quite proud of him at times, and this is a strange feeling for him. His range of emotion typically ranges from annoyed to apathetic, unless he is curious. Or at least, that's what he convinces himself. That's another essay entirely perhaps, and must wait until my thoughts on the matter can become coherent. But Luke is opening his heart, making it grow one more size etc etc. This also makes him a prime target to annoy, for multiple reasons. He wants to keep him on his toes, and he isn't sure he's comfortable having someone care about him like Luke does. He doesn't dislike it either.

- On Peony -

Oh his Majesty. Initially curious about this boy, he ended up being one of the largest pains in the neck. But, he has his respect because Peony does what must be done. They also simply share a bond, Peony is one of the few people who can keep up with Jade's train of thought. It also doesn't hurt that under other circumstances they might be brother-in-laws. This is important too, because while Jade may claim that as a child he was incredibly cold (and so would anyone else for that matter) he does have a weak spot for his sister. He did invent a whole new field of science just to fix her doll, after all. This also shows how his train-of-thought isn't always.... standard. It usually doesn't matter though as Jade has a quick mind. Peony does too, but Jade is convinced he keeps that a secret for his own reasons.

- On Dist -

Jade could care for Dist. He does, in his own way. But what I mean is he could care for him more, but at the same time this would require Dist GROWING UP and leaving the past behind. Which doesn't look likely. Jade does respect him for his skills with fonmachinery, and will begrudge him that, but has contempt for his obsession on the past. Jade is trying to leave it behind him, not run away from it, yet Dist is trapped there. He has small hopes Dist will ever break free, but will likely tolerate him on the off chance that he might.

- On Anise -

Jade also has high respect for this little girl who is one of the highest ranking girls in Daath. Fon Guardian is not a rank to laugh at, and Jade has full confidence in Anise if she makes a promise. He knows she is resourceful, and they share similar thoughts on obstacles. They're both quite hardened. Well this is where it would end, except we had a delightful thread under the mistletoe and Jade kind of just blew it off but it intrigued him. Lust isn't exactly something he is weak to, yet the mistletoe kind of forces your hand. He still handled it calmly, as did she, but it's piqued his interest in that there might be more to her perhaps.

- On Guy -

He can explain. Seriously though, Jade respects him as well, and I'm beginning to start like a broken record here, but Jade admires his skill and respects his faith in Luke and devotion. Not to mention the fact that he's doing all the dirty work for him, in both explanations and errands for the Emperor.

- On Mieu -

Honestly, Jade is fascinated with the Sorceror's Ring than with Mieu itself, viewing him more as a tool at the beginning of the game. As the game goes on I'd like to imagine that he warms up more to Mieu, yet it's hard to antagonize something so naive and innocent so they don't really get much screentime together. I actually have no idea what I'm doing in threads with Mieu but I hope I'm doing it right!

- On Natalia -

Jade seperates himself from Natalia quite a bit. While he does have a compassion of sorts towards her, as well as immense respect, she is the princess of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear and it just wouldn't be proper. This doesn't stop him from making fun of her, or smirking when she makes mistakes, or even slapping her should the need arise. But that is mostly selfish rather than his thoughts on her. He is fully prepared for today's ally to become tomorrow's enemy when dealing with her, although he would admit that it doesn't seem likely at all.

- On Ion -

Ion was the first huge surprise he found when he arrived. On first glance he thought he was Florian, but noticed right away that no, this was the Ion that had died. To him, this wasn't entirely impossible, as Jade has seen Luke re-appear at the end of the game. It's not so difficult to imagine when one's being is made entirely of 7th fonons. Jade completely respects the sacrifice Ion made, and is honestly glad to be able to say it wasn't a waste. I... have more thoughts but I can't think of them at the moment. Let's just say that Jade's thoughts on Ion are fairly happy and not that complicated.

- On Asch -

Asch on the other hand was a much larger surprise. Being a normal person not completely made of the 7th fonon, seeing him alive and knowledgeable of his death was shocking. Jade also feels mighty guilty due to the effects having a replica caused him, but generally thinks of him in a worse light than Luke, who has similar issues. They're both stubborn unintelligent people, but Luke had come to the realisation that he could change a lot of things, whereas Asch refuses to acknowledge this. Jade himself is not unfamiliar with admitting the past was a mistake, and that it isn't easy to keep on, but ignoring it is something really can't stand. One of the few times Jade gets emotional in canon is calling Asch an idiot for thinking he's dying due to the replication process. It's true, but not nearly at the rate Asch thought it was. In fact it was mostly negligible, and had Asch simply listened rather than gone off on his own acting stoicly, his life might have been saved. Jade also blames himself as he had this theory throughout most of the game to explain Asch's impulsiveness, yet he didn't mention it until it was basically too late.


Jade is quite curious in other Tales of people, as they have the same skills yet do it in such different ways...

- On Raine -

Raine...oh boy. At first, I knew that she pinged him as a fellow scientist/intellectual. But I think it goes further. Raine reminds him a bit of his own Professor, you know the one I'm talking about. The physical similarities are obvious, but not only that? She's also a teacher, and controls the 7th fono-- healing artes. I don't think he realizes it yet, otherwise he would kick himself and have a bit more internalized self-pity as he would compare himself to Dist. That's something that hasn't happened yet, and may not for some time. Generally though, he enjoys trading theories and comparing their worlds, as it's quite stimulating and gives him something to do.


Jade came to camp as a substitute conscience/Camp Enabler. He honestly doesn't care about the job one way or the other, and has no intention of doing it full time. However he does like being able to use it as reason to antagonize others. It also makes him much more playable as he has reason to jump into posts.

He has intentions to go in and give the worst advice possible, hopefully in such a way that they will realize their own stupidity. So far it has worked every time, somehow. On the off chance that it doesn't? He'll have a good laugh at the ignorance of youth.


Anyone else? You just need to prove yourself in his eyes and you too can have a Jade thread jump you and make fun of you all the time. Otherwise he'll only make fun of you some of the time. Except when he's serious, which also happens from time to time.

EDIT because I can't believe I forgot.

- On Tomo -

He is quite amused by her, she kind of lets everything roll off her back, and he's not quite sure if she's really as stupid as she acts. She's also pretty fun to tease, and I'm sure he'll get a lot of mileage out of her. For those unaware, she greeted him as MANYOMI. And. He played along.

Wow that got kind of long, I hope I didn't contradict myself or anything there, and everything works out right. I'm not perfect either, so if anyone can shine light on something I'm ambiguous or canonly-wrong about, please do! Because I kind of fail a bit at recognizing it otherwise.
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